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While most of what glitters really is gold in the royal city
of Dresden in the year 1850, there is also the other side of
the coin, that of dark alleys, rogues, robbers, vagabonds, and
arsonists. The esteemed and wealthy painter Hartfried von
Dreiacker, a rising star of the art scene, is found murdered.
His licentious life and the shady circles he frequented do not
make it easy to identify the perpetrator.
You are the highly respected university professor Von
Katzenstein, faced with solving a tricky case and applying
investigative techniques that have not even been invented yet.


Start:    Theaterplatz, Dresden, Germany
Ziel:    Neumarkt, Dresden, Germany


Are you ready to delve into the dark history of the city?
Step into the shoes of a brilliant investigator faced with a spectacular murder case. Your sharp intuition and deductive skills will be put to the test as you unravel clues, question witnesses, and piece together the puzzle of a complex case. Embark on a journey, passing by landmarks, elegant townhouses, historical monuments, and dimly lit street corners – each scene holds hints and secrets waiting to be discovered. You can narrow down the wide circle of potential suspects by earning alibis - secret information that only the cleverest investigators can uncover. Then, you must make a
decision and identify a perpetrator - justice is in your hands...


Intrigued by true crime? Learn all about the real case that your tour is based on afterward. In addition, you will receive a city map with the locations of the 10 most spectacular criminal cases in the city!

CRIME SCENE: DRESDEN - The Murder of a Romantic Painter

Artikelnummer: CS06
25,00 €Preis
  • -36-page case file with true crime map

    -6 alibi notes

    -fun DRESDEN postcard

    -cool Recycling Pen

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